برنامه ساخت تم برای سیمبین سری ۶۰ (Theme Studio v3.0 Symbian OS)

اینم برنامه ساخت تم برای گوشی های دارای سیمبین سری ۶۰ شامل:

v9.1: 3250/5500/6290/N71/N73/N75/N76/N80/N91/N92/N93/N93i/N95/E50/E60/E61/E62/E70
v8.1: 6630/6680/6681/N70/N72/N90
v7.1: 3230/6670/7610/6260/6620/6600
v6.1: 3650/3660/7650/N-Gage/N-Gage QD
Siemens SX1 / Samsung D700,D710,D720,D730,Z600 / Panasonic X700,X80

دانلود با لینک مستقیم به حجم ۷۴ مگابایت

حداقل سیستم مورد نیاز برای اجرای برنامه:

  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2
  • CPU 1.5 GHz or faster processor
  • RAM 512 MB or 1024 MB recommended
  • HHD 200 MB disc space
  • Display supporting at least 16 bit color at 1280 x 1024 resolution

Product Description:
S60 Theme Studio 3.0 for Symbian OS is a PC tool to create theme packages
for S60-based devices (for devices based on S60 Developer Platform 3rd
Edition). The tool allows the user to mix or change the properties of
ready-made theme components and bitmap images. However, the tool is not
meant to create or extensively edit bitmaps. Commercial pixel editing,
vector editing, sound editing program should be used together with the
tool for significant image/sound editing. The created theme packages can
be saved to hard drive and then deployed to a device using some other
method supported by both the phone and the PC (e.g. bluetooth).

Main features:
- Create a theme package from scratch
- Create a theme by mixing ready-made components and/or self-created ones
- Preview a previously created theme
- Edit a previously created theme (ready-made SIS packages cannot be edited;
the source file is required)


New features:
- Support for new Symbian content deployment format (Symbian v9 installation
file format)
- Support for morphing theme
- Support for animated highlights
- Support for generating themes for S60 Platform 2nd Edition, S60 2nd
Edition Feature Pack 1, S60 Platform 2nd Edition Feature Pack 2, S60
Platform 2nd Edition Feature Pack 3 and S60 Platform 3rd Edition.
- Preview sis file creation
- Support for renaming themes

Compatibility Issues:
- Theme packages created with the tool are compatible with phones
based on S60 Platform 2nd Edition Feature Pack 2 (S60 Platform 2nd Edition,
S60 2nd Edition Feature Pack 1), S60 Platform 2nd Edition Feature Pack 3 and
S60 Platform 3rd Edition. The compatible platform release is decided in the
check out phase of theme creation. Note that different platform versions
may support different theme features.

Creating private keys:

- Open command prompt
- Select target directory, for example: cd C:Program FilesSeries_60_Theme_StudioS60_TS_3_0in
- Create a key with single line (where Nokia is replaced with your own information):
makekeys -v -cert -len 2048 -dname "CN=Nokia OU=Themes OR=Nokia OYj CO=FI
EM=feedback@nokia.com" nokia.key nokia.cer
- After that password is asked, answer no
- For creating random number type about one hundred characters or move the mouse in the screen.
- Notice –v key in the command
- Keys are asked in Advanced Dialog when creating SIS-file
- More information in Artist's Guide, page 91.

Known Problems and Limitations:
- The Signal and Battery Indicators are not skinnable in landscape mode in
S60 Platform 2nd Edition FeaturePack 3.
- Setting lines drawing option (through Theme->Theme Settings menu option)
to True/False has no effect on the preview (the lines are shown always drawn).
- Effects:The following effect settings are shown differently on the phone
(when compared to the results shown in the tool's preview
a) Solarize effect with threshold value around 255
b) Noise
c) Contrast effect with intensity value set to -255
- Background layer: Channel blend effect with background layer containing
transparency is shown differently on the phone when compared to the
preview on the tool.
- Sound: Undo and redo does not work for Sound task
- Call bubble skinning supported by the Theme Studio, but does not work in
the phone.
- 2.6 skin : Some times the images generated for qsn_cp_set_list_volume_off
shown the level 9 and 1o incorrectly